Affordable Art Fair

We currently run an Affordable Art Fair during December, an ideal moment for members to clear out their workshops and cupboards, assess their work and offer pieces for sale at a good price. Buyers are looking out for Christmas presents and artists can start the new year with a clean sweep. It works very well.

Artists can submit up to 10 items for £5, or up to 20 for £10. This can include two framed and ready to hang pieces, and/or 3D work, unframed mounted pictures or more framed work or canvasses. Depending on the number of entries and the space available one or two framed pieces will be hung for each member. The remaining pieces will be stacked on the floor beneath the hung paintings. You may provide a box in which to stack your paintings or it may be better to bring a browser if you have one.

Commission of 15% is taken.

More information will be on this page nearer the time.