Allenby Award

The Allenby Trophy is awarded to the best picture in each exhibition, as voted for by the general public and members.

Allenby Award winners
Summer 2018 Jane Farleigh     
Summer 2017 Jirka Ptacek     
Spring 2017 Emma Stanley-Clarke Haytor Quarry OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  
Christmas 2016 Chris Pitman Sprey Point Teignmouth 935F381A-AC0C-44DD-9E77-33732E22DACD
Summer 2016 Chris Pitman Back Beach Allenby Award - Chris Pitman for Best Picture Chosen by the Public
Spring 2016 Sue Evans Path to the Sea sue-evans-with-her-winning-painting-path-to-the-sea-2016
Christmas 2015 Emma Stanley-Clarke Saddle Tor OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  
Summer 2015  Mike Wall   Mike Wall and Keith Bowcock
Spring 2015  Pippa Thew  McGregors Kitchen Shop  pipp thew
Christmas 2014  Cynthia Mosley  The Quay  P1000652
Summer 2014  Kate Rew  Beach Boys  P1000565
Spring 2014  Paul Walton  The Weather Girls  The Weather Girls
Christmas 2013  Elaine Best    
Summer 2013  Mavis Haddleton    
Spring 2013