Workshops and art activities are held throughout the autumn and winter at TAAG on alternate Wednesday afternoons. For further details please refer to art society programme.

  • 20 – 21 October workshop at Chudleigh James Tatum – How to  See the landscape in order to make a strong painting and Finding the Story that you want to tell. James will show how planning your painting will make sure you don’t become lost. The contact is jtatum@btconnect
  • 24 November 9:30am to 4pm Matthew Davison workshop at Holcombe Village Hall – Landscapes into Abstract with acrylics. Matthew will be looking at the construction of a successful painting, loosening up mark making, use of colour by using of peripheral view, observation, imagination, atmosphere and personal response


Autumn workshop information and materials

Landscapes into Abstract in acrylic. The suggestions for materials, paint and colours are for guidance, please bring whatever you are comfortable with. Weather permitting we might perhaps do some painting outside? You will need paper, board, sketch book, charcoal, fixative – whatever you are used to using that is easily transportable.

Please bring a painting you have done in any medium that you would like to talk about. If the weather is not suitable for outdoors please bring a drawing or sketch to work from.

Materials – those marked with an asterisk are considered essential


Zinc & Titanium White*, Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue*, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Azure Blue, Cadmium Yellow*, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Orange*, 
Yellow Ochre*, Paynes Grey, Cadmium Red*, Alizarin Crimson*, Viridian Green*, Greens of choice, Diozapamine Purple*, Naples Yellow, French Ultramarine

Large and small drawing pad, drawing pins, masking tape

Primed hardboard (3mm) or heavy watercolour paper 300gm or canvas up to 50x50m

Charcoal*, Fixative*, 5B Pencil*, Eraser*, Brushes flat size 10, 12, and larger, Easel if you have one, Rags/Paper Towels*, Palette*, Palette Knife, Plastic Water container*, Cling film, Plastic or cloth for floor*


Other local art activities include

Voyage Art

Artist Jane Branch: portrait drawing

Artist John Skinner: watercolour painting

Artist Pam Brooker:

Artist Chris Dobbs: life drawing

TAAG (Teignmouth Arts Action Group) runs many workshops through the year. Please click here to view them