Affordable Art Fair

Christmas Exhibition/ Affordable Art Fair.

This December we will be holding the Teignmouth Art Society Affordable Art Fair in TAAG  – 1st December – 8th December. It is the perfect opportunity to clear out your studio and offer your unsold work at a reduced price. The public benefit, as they will be able to purchase original works at discounted prices and you gain more space in your studio as well as some cash.

How it works: Each Artist can submit up to 10 items for £5, or up to 20 for £10 this can include two framed and ready to hang pieces, and or 3d work, unframed mounted pictures or more framed work or canvasses. Depending on the number of entries and the space available one or two framed pieces will be hung for each member. The remaining pieces will be stacked on the floor beneath the members hung painting(s). You may provide a box in which to stack your paintings and a handy wrap will be provided so you may wrap frames to protect them. The photograph below shows how your work will be displayed.

All work submitted must be clearly labelled with your name, the title, the price and the media used. Art Society labels should be hung as usual on the two pieces you wish to hang. You may provide a name label to sit with your work.

It is important that the work is well presented and organised to avoid any appearance of a ‘jumble sale’. Commission of 15% will be deducted from sales.

With the right publicity we hope to attract a wider interest in the art fair and will endeavour to promote it further afield to encourage buyers rather than just browsers.
Cards as normal multiples of 10 £5, up to 20 maximum.
Any questions please contact  Joyce Boyne