On Wednesday afternoon members of Teignmouth Art society met at TAAG in Teignmouth for their fortnightly workshop. The session was led by Rob Parish an accomplished Pastel artist, Rob brought a variety of types of pastel to show and explained their differences in makeup and how you can have very hard to incredibly soft pastels for different types of mark making, he also brought a selection of papers which you can work on from relatively smooth to coarse.

Members were then given a black and white copy of a picture to have a go at themselves, after a few struggles getting used to the medium, a cup of tea and biscuits and more tips from Rob the end results were very good.

The Art Society next event is on Friday 10th November 7pm when there will be a demonstration by Dartmoor Artist Nick Collier at the Teign Heritage Center Teignmouth. Members and non-members are welcome.

Members of Teignmouth Art Society have been looking at two different ways to create a portrait at the last two Friday evening Demonstrations held at the Teign Heritage Centre in Teignmouth.

June James artist, life and portrait tutor from Exeter was the first demonstrator, she started by getting members to look at the dimensions of the face, using a pencil as a means of measurement to compare the spaces within the face. This was followed by a having a go at drawing the center lip line and the shadow created by the lower lip, and as if that wasn’t difficult enough it was followed up by drawing the ear of the person sat next to you! After a well-deserved coffee break, models Harry and Jenny sat for members to have a go at a full portrait, for some members who had never attempted this it was daunting but by the end of the evening many superb drawings emerged showing good likenesses.

The second demonstrator was Elizabeth Hadley well known sculpture from Brixham. Elizabeth started the evening with a slideshow of how a Bronze Statue was built from a picture by Brixham artist Arthur Briscoethe the statue took eighteen months to build and each stage was photographed. The statue is 10% larger than life and started out as a matchstick model which was gradually built up with 400 bags of clay, coated with a latex rubber and resin before being cut up and transported to the foundry to be cast in bronze. The pieces were then meticulously welded back together. The sculpture can be seen on the waterfront in Brixham celebrating the heritage and valour of the fishermen of Brixham.

During the second half of the evening Elizabeth showed members how she starts a portrait from a live model; from a piece of wood angled on a plinth she added small handfuls of clay and gradually built up the shape of the head, moving all around the model to ensure each aspect was created correctly, very soon a likeness appeared. The whole evening was fascinating and very informative from a very talented artist.
The next Friday demo is on the 20th October and Watercolourist David Norman will be demonstrating followed by an all day workshop on Saturday 21st for more details please visit the Society website www.teignmouthartsociety.com

Pastel Artist Lynda kettle from Sidmouth entertained members of Teignmouth Art Society when they met at the Teign Heritage Centre on Friday for their first demonstration of the autumn term.
Lynda introduced herself telling how she attended an Art School from the age of 16 and after attaining a degree in theatre design, she worked for a long time as a Production Designer for the BBC and was responsible for many major BBC television productions, including Angels, Tony Harte, Howards Way and Two Point Four Children to mention a few which most of the members could remember well. Since retiring from that very fast paced life Lynda has come to Devon to pursue the life of a Professional Artist.
During the demonstration Lynda gave hints and tips in working with pastel, passing out samples of different papers, with hints on how to use them to the best advantage, also ideas on how to preserve the chalky finish and the way to frame your finished pastel painting using a triple mount.
In the picture Lynda demonstrated she drew in the trees with white pastel and then proceeded to work down the picture from the sky using short strokes and very little blending just creating the effect of a spring day and water by layering the pastel.
The next demonstration will be a part practical evening with June James looking at portraits with the chance to work from live models. Friday 22nd September 7pm at the Teign Heritage Center.

Teignmouth Art Society

The Teignmouth Art Society Summer Exhibition is well under way, with a huge array of pictures, ceramics and cards.
The Society held a preview and presentation evening for members and guests. The judge was well known local artist Laura Wall, she gave a brief history of her artistic career beginning with winning a scholarship to Aberystwyth University in Fine Art, followed by her success with the series “Love at the Seaside” and “Goose” children books. Laura assured the artists she had worked through many of the different disciplines required to produce the types of work the members were showing. During the presentation Laura told each Artist what had appealed to her in the pictures she chose.
Martin Dutton the Society President, South West Academician chose his favourite picture and gave critique and encouragement to many of the Artists.
Paul Burgess, Mayor of Teignmouth accompanied by his wife Nicky had great difficulty choosing their favourite picture, but made a great choice in the end.
These are the winning Artists and categories.
Lewis Cook Award – Best Overall Entry Elaine Best, Commended, Richard Juniper
Margaret Howell Award – Flowers Sue Evans, Commended, Felicity Hughes
Margaret Webb Award – Most Innovative Jirka Ptacek Commended, Kerry Broomhead- Brown
Marjorie Mathews Award – Portrait or Figure Angie Joy Jenner, Commended: Keith Bowcock
Dawn &John Fricker Award – Landscape Paul Jeffries, Commended, Jeanne Girling
Albert Smith Award – Marine Painting Andy Tapper, Commended, Jan white
Jennifer Jenkins Award – 3d Sculpture Carol Courtier, Commended, Jon Watson
David and Jill Harrison Award for Abstract Work Elaine Best, Commended, Shan Roberts
Alan Cotton Award – President’s Choice Paul Jeffries
Jean Beatty Award Guest of Honour’s Choice Kerry Broomhead-Brown
The winning artwork is all labelled, come and see if you agree with the Judges and cast your vote for the best in show award.
The Exhibition at the Victoria Hall in Shaldon is free to enter and open every day 10am until 5pm on 22nd August.

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The summer season of Outdoor Sketching has seen members over the past three weeks painting and drawing scenes in Shaldon, Powderham Castle and the Ferry Beach in Teignmouth.

In Shaldon the weather was glorious; the bowlers on the green dressed in their whites made wonderful models holding their poses whilst watching the bowls roll over the smooth grass just long enough for a quick sketch. Meanwhile other budding artists sat on the beach and seats along the water side with views of the Ness and boats swinging on their moorings making picturesque scenes.

The day out to Powderham Castle has become quite a favourite and on this fabulous hot day and members were spoilt for choice of subject. Some members walked to the folly or the Belvedere while others made studies of the castle from various angles. Although it was very hot it was delightfully cool to sit sketching in the shade of the beautiful mature trees. Members met at lunchtime for a chat in the café and to comment on each other’s work. Some artists purchased season passes and are already planning further sketching days at the Castle.

The third sketching day was held at the beach hut on the Ferry Beach belonging to the Society chairman Joyce Boyne; the threatened rain did not come. The local fishermen provided excellent subjects for the artists with a few boats pulled onto the beach for painting and repairs. The sand eel fishermen opened there keep and the sea gulls flocked for a feed, there were far too many to draw! Donations from members for their tea and coffee have been sent to the Fishermen’s Mission.

The next outdoor sketching day will be held at Widecombe which will be in complete contrast to the beach scenes. The Summer Exhibition in Shaldon during August is where members show their paintings, and compete for trophies. This year no doubt will show the results of all these days of sketching followed by hours painting and perfecting the finished masterpiece.

Anyone who would like to join the Society on their sketching days can see the whole program on the website www.teignmouthartsociety.co.uk

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On Friday evening members of Teignmouth Art Society set about transforming Victoria Hall in Shaldon into an Art Gallery in readiness for its Spring Exhibition.

Saturday morning saw fifty eight members bring a total of two hundred and thirty three pictures, eighteen 3D works and over five hundred cards ready to be displayed, at 1o’clock the exhibition was opened to the public within half an hour three pictures were sold, possibly a record for fastest sales. Over fifty people came to look at the eclectic mix of art in the first afternoon.

The spring exhibition is a time for members to show off their miniature painting skills. The Haddleton Award for best miniature was won by Emma Stanley Clarke for her painting Brecon Footbridge the actual painting is about 2 inches by 3inches you almost need a magnifying glass to see the brush work. Emma has won the competition for three years in a row and five times overall. Runner up was Eileen Simpson a newcomer to the miniature painting class, with her pictures Bluetits on a String of Peanuts and Pilgrim.

Abstract works feature strongly in the Exhibition after a group of members attended a workshop run by the Society President Martin Dutton.

The Exhibition runs until Sunday 4th June so still plenty of time to visit.



An update on their work from a member, Peter Foston –
“BRNC, Dartmouth, have asked me to paint all the ships used for the training of cadets.
After two days searching the college archives it transpires that there were over sixty!
As an ex alumnus I am not charging for them but they are paying for the framing which, as they wish to use UV proof glass is costing them an arm and a leg.
The research is proving fasciinating.
In 1926 the Admiralty decided to make the Monitor Erebus into a training ship.  They then realised that she had insufficient accommodation so, as one would, they built a two story detached residence complete with pitched roof, on the forecastle!!
They then realised that they could not risk sending her to sea as their nice new house would get damaged in  rough weather.  She was therefore moored over on the Cornish side of Devonport dockyard so that the only access was by boat.  This,  they felt,   would make the young gentlemen feel that ” they were at sea”!
You could not make this up!!”
Monitor Erebus

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