The Layflat Challenge

During the last few months some members have taken part in the Layflat Challenge. The Society of All Artists were looking for Art Societies to take part by completing a sketch on each page by a different artist in a sketch book that lays flat when opened. Twenty one members from TAS did a variety of sketches using, watercolours, pastels, ink wash, acrylic and pencils. The resulting works show what a diverse bunch of artists we are. The book was judged by the SAA the Society did not win any of the prizes. The sketch pad will be returned to the Society and we hope to have it on display at the Summer Exhibition.

A big thank you to Felicity Hughes, Des Maxwell Clarke, Anna Grayson Clark, Barbara Watkins, Chris Pitman, Jane Branch, Jenny Norman, Mary East, Yusef Khan, Sara Khan, Maureen Fayle, Jenny Jenkins, Clare Jenkinson, Joyce Boyne, Andy Tapper, Dot Simmonds, Wendy Hayden- Sadler, Margaret Hunt, Carole Warren, Sophie McElwaine and Pippa Thew who took part.