Day Workshops

Phil Creek Workshop

Monday 28 January – Using acrylic gouache
9.30 – 4pm at Holcombe Village Hall, Holcombe, Dawlish EX7 0JT. £25 for members, £35 non-members.

“In the demonstration I will be using acrylic gouache which is just what its name suggests a mix of gouache and acrylic. It has a slightly slower drying time than acrylics but dries matt, which I like. I use it for plein air work normally as, like acrylic, it is permanent and impervious when dry.

I will demonstrate focusing upon a landscape with water, land and sky. I’m not sure whether it will be a sea or river scene at the moment. I will be painting on mount-board the same as we use for mounting paintings. Workshop: For the workshop fellow artists can bring acrylic gouache if they wish but acrylics or gouache are both fine too. I do not suggest people spend lots of money on new materials they might not use a second time.

I will begin the workshop with a short demonstration to remind people of the principles. I will then ask fellow artists to attempt two pieces of work during the session. I will bring a few finished acrylic paintings to share at lunch-time to break up the day. The afternoon will be used to complete the painting from the morning or for a second piece. I normally finish with a short critique of the day’s work.

List for workshop:
1. Water-based media such as acrylics, gouache or acrylic gouache
2. Flat nylon brushes 1/4 to 1 inch plus a rigger/fine brush
3. Two smooth surfaces to paint on such as stretched paper, smooth water-colour paper or mount board. Approx A3 size
4. Easel, water container, kitchen roll, palette, ruler, table covering
5. Photographic images to work from which include land, water and air
5. Any additional favourite equipment or tools. I will bring some additional images for the workshop too.”

To reserve a place please first email or call Keith Bowcock on 01626 870 991 or Then send the form to Keith at 15, Cliffden Close, Teignmouth, TQ14 8TU with a cheque for £25 for members, £35 for non-members payable to Teignmouth Art Society. Those preferring to use BACS the account is Teignmouth Art Society number 10714143 sort code 20-60-88, and email both Keith and Felicity,, of your payment.

Click here for Phil Creek’s workshop booking form