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Our presence as Teignmouth Art Society is going from strength to strength on social media and zoom, and our virtual exhibitions on both Facebook and the website are getting a lot of attention. Research on branding confirms the logo is one of the strongest things we have on these platforms. Apparently vital as an identifier in today’s social media. We now have quite a following since our programme on Instagram and Facebook, so to have a bold logo is very important. Our impact is already widespread amongst the UK art community, and there is no reason it shouldn’t go further. 

Currently we have mixed messages representing us, as we sometimes use a blue wave and other times have the anniversary flag. Neither fits easily into the button shaped circle used by Facebook and Instagram. There is support from the committee members for a new society logo and it will be discussed at our next meeting. Since our presence is currently more virtual that actual I feel we need to act quickly.

So here is the interesting bit. We have a wealth of talent in our midst, hence asking the membership to submit ideas would be an excellent start. Those without the technology to create a logo could put forward ideas on paper and these could be worked up if selected. If any of our members would like to put forward suggestions they would all be welcomed. It doesn’t need to be complicated, and with the talent between us I am sure we could come up with some brilliant ideas. It is really essential to have something simple but strong. And if it can look good in the circle format that is particularly important.
The design can be drawn, painted or computer generated. Any good ones doodled on the back of an envelope can be expanded on computer here at head office central. Once a definitive TAS logo has been agreed, we can establish exact colours, fonts etc for the future, producing master copies for use on print, web and social media. 

Anyone inspired yet? Send your logos to Sarah.