Affordable Art exhibition

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The Teignmouth Art Society 2022 AFFORDABLE ART EXHIBITION will again be held later this year.

Full details of Venue and requirements will be made known nearer to the date.


  1. Mrs L Cooper

    I really enjoyed the exhibition and as a result, have decided to join the Society. I did visit some of your other exhibitions in the summer too, and really enjoyed the venue.
    Although it doesn’t have heating or lighting, I think this is such an excellent venue for Teignmouth (and area) artists – right in the middle of the seafront and town for all to see. The light is excellent (during the daytime of course) and the only fault I can see is the access stairway – a challenge for the frail or disabled and of course the obvious lack of services. As we had coats on, the heating wasn’t a problem to visitors, however I guess humidity might be a problem for the artworks. I know that Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club couldn’t put on an exhibition this year as the humidity/lack of heating would have posed a problem to displaying the photos.
    I understand that the Council will be taking it back and using it for other purposes soon – not another restaurant I hope! An exhibition area is a much better use (there aren’t enough of them) and as an annexe to TAAG it would be fantastic!

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