Berry Pomeroy is said to be the most haunted castle in England. But last week no ghosts were seen, only an intrepid band of sketchers from Teignmouth Art Society.

The tricky perspective of the castle walls was a challenge, as was getting the shadows dark enough and the sunlight light enough. But, with the help of a warm welcome and hot drinks from the cafe everyone got going depicting the wonderful shapes of the ruins.

Most of the group clustered outside to sketch the gatehouse, but some ventured down wooded paths for dramatic views of ruined towers and knotty tree roots. Two artists ventured inside the castle to soak up the atmosphere and sketch the ruined house within the walls. A chill wind blew around the cold stones within, dark shadows were cast by the high walls of the ruin, but no-one saw even the hint of a lady in blue, or anyone wringing their hands in anguish. In fact there was not the slightest hint of anything ghostly at all.

The detail of the stonework was difficult to capture but everyone agreed it had been a very productive day. Three new members attended and went home with a set of very useful and attractive sketches. Everyone is busy preparing work for the summer exhibition in Shaldon’s Victoria Hall, which opens on 14 August so it will be interesting to see if any of the sketches result in finished paintings on display.

On 8th August the Teignmouth Art Society sketchers will be back on home ground drawing and painting in Mules Park.

Joyce Boyne painting at Berry Pomeroy (lower res)