Members of Teignmouth Art Society met on the back beach last Tuesday for an outdoor painting and sketching session. “The light was amazing” said one member, “We could have been on one of the Greek Islands”.  Boats, olive-green hills, fishermen, azure water, and sunshine did indeed have a Mediterranean look.

Teignmouth is becoming increasingly important as a centre for the arts, the light and variety of subject matter being part of the reason for this success. Teignmouth Art Society is a large club with a wide range of artists from experienced professionals to beginners, and meeting to work outdoors is an important part of their summer programme.

Members used many different mediums on the back beach – pencil, pen and ink, water colour and acrylics. Jane Branch even brought down a set of oils and an easel to paint on the spot, just as the impressionist masters did.

Members clubbed together to give a donation for the Seamen’s Mission

Members of  Teignmouth Art Society are busy preparing for their summer exhibition which will be in Victoria Hall in Shaldon between 15-24 August. In addition Jane Branch will be exhibiting her work in Teignmouth during Devon Open Studios in September.Painting on the Back Beach June 2014 Teignmouth Art Society Back Beach June 2014