Rain fails to stop play for artists.

Members of Teignmouth Art Society carried on with their outdoor sketching last week despite the weather. The plan was to meet at the back beach by Joyce Boyne’s Beach Hut. But it chucked it down, so members huddled together actually in the beach hut and sketched what they could see.

It has to be said that to capture the damp and cloud there was a great deal of discussion about what kind of grey to use – whether to use a grey paint straight from a tube, mix a grey from blue and brown, or simply  to use a grey graphite pencil. Hot drinks were served and there was the added risk of dipping ones brush into the drink rather than the jar of water. But our local artists are tough bunch and carried on with good cheer.

The only grumbles were about lavatory facilities. The old loos near the Lifeboat Station were closed, so a long hike to the Beachcomber was required. At least one member got soaked to the skin as the heavens opened on her.

But the rain definitely gave a peaceful and quiet atmosphere to the back beach and the estuary. It was a different kind of beauty, but a beauty none the less. It is the artist’s job to observe and record the scene in all its moods, seasons and varying lights. Most members went home with sketches they felt could be developed into finished work in their studios.

The artists will be out and about again on Monday 13th July around Teignmouth Pier. They are hoping for wall to wall sunshine, but if it rains again, there is an excellent perspective exercise to be found by sheltering underneath the pier, and there’s always the excitement of the shove-twopenny machines to capture with their pencils!

Des Maxwell Clark and Joyce Boyne Test the Weather Sheltering and sketching in the beach hut The Back Beach on a wet day
















Pix (Anna Grayson) Des Maxwell Clark with Joyce Boyne and her Granddaughter testing the weather on the Back Beach

Teignmouth Art Society Members huddled in a beach hut keeping warm and sketching the view.

Graphite sketch of a view from the beach huts on a wet day