Summer Exhibition update & Allenby Award winner

Thank you to all the members that took part in the Summer Exhibition. Overall some very impressive work, which was reflected in the number of visitors (1,195) and total artwork sold making £3,900, which included 73 paintings, prints and 3 dimensional work, along with 209 cards. The visitors were very generous leaving £237 in donations. Yes! The exhibition was a great success.

Thank you to Joyce for facilitating the exhibition, Felicity our Treasurer who did a great job sorting out the finances and making sure everything balanced in the end, and artists were paid promptly. Thanks are also conveyed to Margaret and Di for sorting and paying out monies from the cards

Allenby Award. The picture that had the most votes was by Jane Farleigh. The trophy will be presented at the Christmas dinner.

Also thank you to all the people that helped with setting up, hanging, taking down, and opening / closing and to thank those members who exhibited their artwork for not removing it before 5:45pm on the last day. We had a last minute rush on sales up until 5pm.

Note: Affordable Art Fair date, set up Friday 30 Nov/ Friday 7 Dec

Mike Wall: Chairman

Keith Stott Demonstration

Keith Stott Demonstration


Teignmouth Art Society were treated to a demonstration using pastels by Keith Stott, SWAC on Friday  23rd February at Teign Heritage Centre.

Painting a Dartmoor scene from his own photograph, he showed the technique for painting a dramatic stormy sky and distant clouds.

He also answered questions from an audience eager to know how to improve their own pastel work.

Keith, lately of Kingsbridge, is a member of the South West Academy and now lives in Shaftesbury in Dorset. He returns to Kingsbridge monthly to run weekend courses at Harbour House Gallery. His work can be seen on the website

The photo shows artist Keith Stott explaining his method to the Society. Contact Keith here


Jane Leitch Demonstration

Jane Leitch Demonstration


25 members of Teignmouth Art Society were entertained by Gidleigh artist Jane Leitch on Friday 9th February.

Jane demonstrated her way of painting a figure in oil paint and used a photo source of a farrier shoeing a horse that she had taken.

Jane is self taught, having started painting at the age of 50 after being encouraged by her mother to do so.

Having started on watercolour she soon moved on to pastel and oil painting, which she prefers.

She is in great demand for commissions of paintings of animals and family groups in both mediums.

More of her work can be seen at her website

The Art Society hold fortnightly demonstrations by different artists throughout the winter at Teign Heritage Centre 

The photo shows Jane at her easel.